Slowing Pains After Growing Pains—Managing the Single Family Downturn
What goes up must come down, right? And for the single family industry in 2023, the coming down looks imminent. After several years of 15–18% annual...
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Friend or Foe? Build-for-Rent's Place in the Real Estate Market
Build-for-rent has entered the chat. Well, the term originated in 2010, but it’s a hot topic amongst single family stakeholders at the moment. The...
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A Student Housing Snapshot – Your Spring Breakthrough Before Turn
Recession who? The Student Housing industry is thriving. Good news! While inflation and rising interest rates have modestly slowed down the new...
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Understanding ESG Data - The What, Why, and How
ESG is smart business.  AND  It transforms the way we do business. For companies to evolve and scale in today’s competitive environment, an ESG...
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Managing Utility Costs in the Shadow of a Recession
Recession. The ugliest game of will they won’t they nobody wants to play. Is it coming? Is it not? Will it be mild or crack the sky? For property...
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The Alphabet Soup of ESG
ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is more than just a buzzword in current news circulation. Topics like climate change and social justice...
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Bracing for the Holiday Spike: A Shopping Center Snapshot
It’s a mixed shopping bag for shopping center operators, property managers, and retailers this holiday season. While vacancy rates are at a 15-year...
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Scaling Mid-Tier Firms While Utility Providers Buckle
Talk to anyone–literally anyone–whose job it is to keep properties warm, lit, and connected to running water right now, and they’ll sigh. The major...
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Meter Management: The Great Manufactured Housing Thorn
Every real estate market has its own set of utility thorns—a persistent group of struggles that tend to dig deep, latch on, and find every possible...
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