The Advantage of Sustainable Utilities - How Residents & Property Managers Benefit
Hey Siri, steer clear of the economic downturn… Sounds nice, right? In the ever-evolving landscape of the multifamily industry, with rising rents and
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More Frequent. More Severe. Hail and Its Impact on Property Owners
Smells like rain… Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. It’s not a fun fact, but it is a measurable phenomena all over the world. And...
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The Massachusetts Green Bank: An Empty Office Precedent for the U.S.?
“Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do or do without.” A classic from the Great Depression, and the heart and soul of the Massachusetts Community...
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The Unbelievable Scope of U.S. Utilities | Utilities Management for the Real Estate Industry
Step into any building. Flip the switch. Turn on the tap. Crank the heater or run the AC. Watch that building come to life. Buildings are living...
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Understanding ESG Data - The What, Why, and How
ESG is smart business. AND It transforms the way we do business. For companies to evolve and scale in today’s competitive environment, an ESG...
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Bracing for the Holiday Spike: A Shopping Center Snapshot
It’s a mixed shopping bag for shopping center operators, property managers, and retailers this holiday season. While vacancy rates are at a 15-year...
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Don't Let Utilities Eat Your Accountants
Accountants create value. They’re money managing superheroes. Individually, they analyze expenditures and maintain your business’s institutional...
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7 Commercial Utility Revenue Robbers
As a commercial real estate (CRE) owner, you have a lot of tasks and expenditures to worry about—and, odds are, utilities aren't your primary focus....
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Winning the Big Utilities Game
As Super Bowl LVI approaches, and the Rams and Bengals prepare for a historical showdown, there is another ongoing head-to-head match that is...
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