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The Advantage of Sustainable Utilities - How Residents & Property Managers Benefit
Hey Siri, steer clear of the economic downturn… Sounds nice, right? In the ever-evolving landscape of the multifamily industry, with rising rents and
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More Frequent. More Severe. Hail and Its Impact on Property Owners
Smells like rain… Extreme weather events are becoming more frequent. It’s not a fun fact, but it is a measurable phenomena all over the world. And...
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"Eco-Renters" Are Highly Desirable – Here's 5 Ways to Attract Them
Quick question: What are the top features potential renters look for in a new home? If your answer begins with must-haves like the “right location”...
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2023’s Key NAA Apartmentalize Takeaway? Centralize For Staff Shortages
Centralization. Google it as a business intelligence concept in 2023, and you’ll see a search engine results page with as many different definitions...
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The Unbelievable Scope of U.S. Utilities | Utilities Management for the Real Estate Industry
Step into any building. Flip the switch. Turn on the tap. Crank the heater or run the AC. Watch that building come to life. Buildings are living...
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Slowing Pains After Growing Pains—Managing the Single Family Downturn
What goes up must come down, right? And for the single family industry in 2023, the coming down looks imminent. After several years of 15–18% annual...
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Friend or Foe? Build-for-Rent's Place in the Real Estate Market
Build-for-rent has entered the chat. Well, the term originated in 2010, but it’s a hot topic amongst single family stakeholders at the moment. The...
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Winning the Big Utilities Game
As Super Bowl LVI approaches, and the Rams and Bengals prepare for a historical showdown, there is another ongoing head-to-head match that is...
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Well…Single Family Exploded. Now What?
Single-family properties are a big ole’ wave. And like it or not, you’re either riding it, about to ride it, or at risk of being buried beneath it.
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