WasteX Case Study — Creekfront at Deerwood


WasteX Case Study — Creekfront at Deerwood

Creekfront at Deerwood, a 616-unit community in Jacksonville, Florida, was already outsourcing their bulky item trash removal via their valet trash service, but paying a premium for it. They received no proration, even if the truck was only half-filled. Every month, the bill was $1,500.

The team at WasteX by Conservice sourced a new vendor, who uses a larger truck and includes photo verification of every invoiced load. The new vendor charges less for a full truckload and prorates a half truck. The monthly cost is now $800 or less.


Side-by-side Comparison 

With vendor sourced by property

Spending $1,500/month for weekly 15-foot box truck service and the vendor is reliable.


With vendor sourced by WasteX by Conservice

Now paying $800/month for weekly 17-foot box truck service and the vendor is reliable.

Bonus: Proration for 1/2 truck hauls.

Bonus: Photo verification of what was taken.


That’s a 47% savings!

Creekfront at Deerwood continues to have reliable weekly bulk pickup but at nearly half the price.


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