Why Bother? The wisdom of changing in the face of change


Why Bother?  |  The wisdom of changing in the face of change

Welp. We rebranded. We updated our logo, refreshed our color palette, and fit a wholly modernized user experience into a handsome new website.

And what’s very pretty on the front end was a heck of a lot of work on the back end. Hundreds of hours, countless resources, and not a little bit of headache went into the upgrade and relaunch of Conservice’s brand. 

So why? Why bother? Conservice has experienced unprecedented growth over the last few years. Our clients are thriving. The residents and properties we support rate us highly. If the look and feel of our business wasn’t broken, why change it?

Because re-thinking the way things work is baked into the way Conservice operates. Our founder, Dave Jenkins, kicked this company off by re-imagining the way utility management could be done. And as sweeping changes, incredible growth, and new technological challenges march over the heads of our customers, we decided to use our brand and our logo as a proclamation: Conservice is leaning into the brave new opportunities that demand for sustainability and changing property norms are creating—and we’re inviting our customers to lean in with us.


Growth should be loud.

This year, as we updated our services, launched new utilities technologies, and dramatically expanded the range of our customer support to keep up with our industry's explosive growth, we decided that we didn’t want our new commitments and changing offerings to float quietly into existence. We wanted to renew a big, bold promise to our current and future customers—and we wanted that promise to be visible.

That promise?

We promise that as you get bigger, as the number of properties you oversee expands, and as the problems you have to tackle become more sophisticated, we’ll get bigger right alongside you. 

We’ve upgraded the range and reliability of our customer support

We’re introducing innovative new billing options and upgrades into growing and emerging markets. 

And we’re laser-focused on continuing to introduce automation into as many aspects of our utility management technology and services as possible.

We’ve been The Utility Experts® for twenty-plus years. This rebrand—and all of the effort that went into it—is the exclamation mark beside our commitment to be your utility experts for twenty more, whatever it takes.

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