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10 Ways Utilities Are Biting Your Budget
Utilities are a gnarly budgetary beast that can gnaw away your CRE expenses if untethered. This ebook can help you make improvements, lower utility costs, & wrangle your utility spend.
A Brief Guide to RECP Meter Validation & Military Meter Management
A major utility challenge in the military housing space is the DOD's Resident Energy Conservation Program; this ebook can help.
Beyond Power: Expanding Your Student Housing Utility Program Footprint
Student housing utility bill-back programs are expanding across the US. Download our free guide on the obstacles & opportunities driving this trend.
Bill-Back Better: A Condensed Guide to Resident Billing Methods
From sub-metering to RUBS and everything in between, we know the billing methods you need to accurately and fairly bill utilities to your residents.
End-to-End ESG for the Real Estate Industry
A guide to understanding your data, integrating ESG across your portfolio, and implementing practical retrofits & sustainable construction practices.
ESG Value Creation Opportunities & Best Practices for Action
This guide explores 10 ESG value creation opportunities, best practices for capitalizing on them, & insights for improving portfolio performance.
For Your Convenience: C-Store Utility Expense Management Solutions
As a commercial real estate owner, odds are high that utilities aren't your primary focus. In this guide, we highlight a mixed batch of overspending types.
How to Plug the Leaks in Your Commercial Property Finances
This free ebook helps CRE owners to identify and plug utility management leaks and strengthen their bottom line.
Strategically Navigating Climate Risk in Real Estate
This guide provides practical steps you can take to future-proof your business & safeguard your communities against the risks & impacts of climate change.
The ESG Reporting Matrix
This guide provides strategies and actionable insights to get you started with your ESG reporting & disclosure process.
Unlock the Power of Strategic Partnerships
Discover strategies for building enduring real estate partnerships. Download our guide to get actionable tips from industry veterans.
Your ESG Strategy Starts Here
In this ebook, you'll learn why ESG is vital to the success of your organization & how to manage resources to maximize value for stakeholders & customers.

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