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Beyond Power: Expanding Your Student Housing Utility Program Footprint
A guide to the profitable trend of billing students for water, sewage, and gas. If you only charge your students for electricity, there’s a HUGE...
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Unlock the Power of Strategic Partnerships
At the core of every lasting business partnership is a blend of unwavering trust and a well-devised strategy. In this eBook, unlock 5 strategies for...
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For Your Convenience  |  C-Store Utility Expense Management Solutions
We get it! Utility expenses may not be your top priority or the most convenient thing to manage — but they still need to be managed effectively to...
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Measuring Up: A Brief Guide to RECP Meter Validation and Military Meter Management
Every real estate market has its own set of unique utility management challenges. And in the military housing space, one of the largest challenges is...
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10 Ways Utilities Are Biting Your Budget
Utilities are a gnarly budgetary beast that can gnaw away your CRE expenses if untethered. But they can also provide a tremendous opportunity for...
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ESG Value Creation Opportunities and Best Practices for Action
Check out our ebook, "ESG Value Creation Opportunities and Best Practices for Action."
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Your ESG Strategy Starts Here
Check out our ebook, A Complete Guide to ESG Program Management, and learn where to begin in creating an ESG strategy. Here you'll learn why ESG is...
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Stop Losing Money: How to Plug the Leaks in Your Commercial Property Finances
As a commercial property owner, you have a lot to manage—and sometimes things fall through the cracks, or even worse—they create cracks. Cracks that...
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Bill-Back Better: A Condensed Guide to Resident Billing Methods
“Over the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of property owners and managers to optimize their recovery and effectively bill-back their...
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